Vitamin C Glow Combo Kit

Vitamin C Glow Combo Kit

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UNISAIF's  VITAMIN C GLOW KIT creates shear look for your face which is both attractive and protective in its own way. This kit contains all those products that allow shine & nourishment to your skin in a natural way. Presence of vitamin c with antioxidants create a better combo version to save your day.

Benefits of vitamin c presents-
Prevents wrinkles and fine lines.
Fights dark spots, dullness and pigmentation.
Heals and repairs dryness of skin.
Allows glowness & firmness to skin.
Stimulate collagen production.

Benefits of 24k gold & sun screen-
Brings natural shine & moisturization to face.
Promote radiant, polished look.
Fights sun tan, dullness & pigmentation.

Power kit contains-
UNISAIF Truffle facewash
UNISAIF Vitamin c toner
UNISAIF Vitamin c radiant cream
UNISAIF's 24k Gold serum
UNISAIF Sun screen