Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50g

Anti-Aging/Anti-Wrinkle Night Cream 50g

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UNISAIF's anti ageing cream is a blend of powerful ingredients that improves fine lines and texture of your skin. Presence of orange peel extract smoothens and softens your face to give it a mirror finish look. Emulsion of certain oil based extracts like licorice, vitamin E creates an innovative formula for skin tightening and renewal. Its long term usage helps in maintaining elasticity, tone and flexibility of your skin.


  1. Promotes wrinkle and fine line reduction
  2. Maintains texture and tonicity of your face.
  3. Helps in restoring moisture and facial finish.
  4. Promotes renewal of skin cells.

Direction of use-

Gently apply over face, body and neck, rub it smootly in a gliding manner until absorbed uniformly.
Apply with 24K Gold serum for better results.
Discontinue if irritation occurs.