Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner 100ml

Apple Cider Vinegar Conditioner 100ml

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UNISAIF's apple cider vinegar conditioner delivers deep moisture and nutrition to hair and scalp. Apple cidar slowly balances the pH level of scalp for healthy hair growth. Presence of Castor oil, argon oil and vitamin E allows softening and smoothing of hair cuticles to deliver silky soft and glossy hair. It also prevents hair issues like split ends, breakage, hair fall and frizz to promote healthy hair.


  • Prevents frizz, hairfall and splitends.
  • Cleans dandruff and flaking of scalp.
  • Silky and gloosy hair appreance.
  • Maintain ph levels.
  • Detangles with ease.

Direction of use-

Apply generous amount of apple cidar vinegar conditioner,
concentrate the product only on hair strands and tips, wait for two to three minutes.
Rinse well with water and towel dry it gently without stroking your hair.