Transcoal Facewash

Transcoal Facewash

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Unisaif's trans coal face wash is an anti pollutant, deep cleansing formula that supports extraction of dirt and impurities from your face. Activated charcoal particles deeply penetrates to remove excess oil, toxins and microparticles from your skin. Coffee extracts revitalizes your skin and encourages new cell production by replacing the dead skin layer. It leaves your skin soft and smooth without irritation or over drying it.


  1. Control excessive oil production.
  2. Removes dirt and impurities.
  3. Deeply cleanses your pores.
  4. Exfoliates to remove toxins.
  5. Promotes glow and radiance.

Direction of use-

Take out small amount of face wash in your palms, apply on damp face.
Gently massage in circular motion for a minute and wash it off thoroughly with water.
Use it twice daily for better results.
The product may have varied results depending on different skin types.
Discontinue use if irritation occurs.